THE 7th ASIA-PACIFIC ACTION ALLIANCE ON HUMAN RESOURCES FOR HEALTH (AAAH) ANNUAL CONFERENCE, BANGKOK, THAILAND 5th-7th December 2012 : This year’s 7th Annual Asia Pacific Action Alliance on Human Resources

for Health (AAAH) Conference was held in Bangkok, Thailand. The conference was held at the Pullman King Power Hotel Bangkok, Thailand.

The main conference was preceded by four side meetings on Monday and Tuesday, December 3rd-4th. The side meetings consisted of the Asia-Pacific Network on Health Professional Educational Education Reform (5C) regular update meeting, a meeting to report on the progress of the AAAH Intersession Research, the AAAH Focal Point Meeting (with representatives of the 16 members countries), and a meeting on ‘Addressing Health Workforce Productivity’ held by Capacity Plus and GHWA.
The main conference was held from 5th-7th, December with 4 Plenary and 6 Parallel sessions.

This year’s THEME is ‘Leadership Development for Health System Strengthening: A focus on Human Resources for Health’.
The conference sub-themes were the following issues:

  1. HRH Policy Strengthening through Leadership Development
  2. Improving Information Systems and Evidence on HRH
  3. Community Involvement in HRH Development
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation of In-Country HRH Planning and Implementation
  5. The Roles of the Public and Private Sectors in HRH Education and Regional Labour Markets
  6. HRH Rural Retention Policy Analysis
  7. Ensuring the Quality and Effectiveness of HRH Financing

The conference’s opening address was given by Dr. Phusit Prakongsai, the director of the International Health Policy Program, Thailand, who welcomed all participants and complimented the AAAH network on its successes over the past 6 years. The outgoing AAAH Steering Committee Chairman Dr. Junhua Zhang gave the Introduction address in which he praised all members of the network for their hard work over the course of the year. The Keynote speech was given by Dr. Mongkol Na Songkla the former Thai Minister of Public Health, he identified the important global trends in the field of Human Resources for Health . As the representative of the permanent secretary of Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health, Dr. Suwit Wibolpolprasert gave a short address in which he sincerely thanked the AAAH Steering committee and welcomed all participants to the year’s conference.
AAAH awards and keynote speech from: Ms. Khima Kumari Poudel and Dr. Myint Thein Tun.

Human Resources for Health Awards
This Year at the AAAH Annual Conference, AAAH Human Resources for Health Awards were given to two health workers who have made an outstanding contribution to the health of their communities, with the aim of recognizing and encouraging their work.

We are delighted to announce that the AAAH Human Resources for Health Awards 2012 were awarded to:
Dr. Myint Thein Tun (A medical doctor in Myanmar). / Ms. Khima Kumari Poudel (A midwife from Nepal).

Outstanding Poster Presentation of the 7th AAAH Annual Conference
We extend out congratulations to Dr. Outavong Phathammavong and his Co-Authors who received the award for their poster titled, “Retention of Health Workers to Serve Population in Rural Area is Extremely Important Strategy in Lao PDR, but What and How to Do ?.”

Please check the AAAH Conference website for further updates as they become available.
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